Occupational Therapist
Clinic Director

Andrew is passionate about enabling people affected by cancer to maximise independence, function and quality-of-life during and after treatment using individualised approaches based on current research. He combines his skills as an Occupational Therapist with his knowledge of cancer, cancer treatment and side effects gained by working in many large cancer centres in Victoria over the past 14 years.

Andrew completed his applied science degree in Occupational Therapy in 2004 at La Trobe University in Melbourne. He began his career working in at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne where he vital gained experience working with people of all ages affected by all types of cancer. In 2016 Andrew received a Peter MacCallum Foundation grant to design, implement and evaluate an exercise and self-management program for adolescent & young adult cancer survivors.

Throughout his career Andrew has identified and demonstrated the importance of working in collaboration with other cancer allied health specialists to achieve better outcomes for people affected by cancer. It is because of this Andrew founded Cancer Rehab Melbourne in 2015 to bring together expert cancer allied health professionals (outside the hospital walls) to help people manage and recover after cancer.