Each person’s needs are different and we tailor our treatment program to meet individual needs. If you have any queries regarding fees and rebates please call us on 03 9378 2289 or 0423 348 937 or via the contact page.


Medicare & Private Health Rebates

You will most likely be able to access either Medicare or private health insurance rebates when visiting the clinic. Anyone with a history of cancer can access a chronic disease management plan via their General Practitioner (GP). To access a rebate for this clinic your GP needs to specify Occupational Therapy as one of the recommended referrals. This process needs to be completed prior to attending your appointment.

For private health insurance rebates it is recommended that you discuss this firstly with your insurer to make sure a rebate is available. Medicare and private health insurance rebates are processed in clinic. Andrew is registered with many private health insurers and rebates can apply. The rebate may range quite a bit from $17-$104 depending on the insurer and the level of cover. It is recommended that you consult your insurer to ascertain what rebates may apply.

*Note that Medicare and private health insurance rebates cannot be used together

Below is a fact sheet that you can take to your GP to make the process easier. Most GP’s require a double appointment to complete this paperwork.

Fact Sheet for Chronic Disease Management rebate – Download File


Occupational Therapy and Exercise Physiology Services

Medicare rebates for Occupational Therapy (OT) and Exercise Physiology services may fall under and Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM). This can be firstly discussed and then organised through your GP (it cannot be done via your specialist). An CDM is a Medicare initiative designed for chronic conditions that are of at least 6 months in duration (including cancer). An CDM allows you to access 5 sessions per calendar year with an allied health practitioner including Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians and Physiotherapists to name a few. Current rebate are $52.95 per session (and more if you have reached the Medicare threshold).