Our Mission

‘To help people affected by cancer to recover and prosper in their work, community and their individual lives’

What we do

We provide an expert, multi-modality approach to help, guide and assist people who are

  • Currently undergoing cancer treatment
  • Recovering from cancer treatment
  • Needing expert guidance to manage the physical, emotional and practical consequences of cancer and its treatment
  • Wanting help getting back to work after cancer

Cancer treatment and management changes at a rapid rate, and it is vitally important that advice from health professionals is up-to-date. It is for this reason that our clinic staff

  • are expert Allied Health professionals currently maintaining appointments within Specialist Cancer Hospitals
  • have significant years of experience dealing with all types of cancer and cancer treatment
  • maintain close networks with oncologists, haematologists, nurse coordinators and hospital based allied health staff.

Our expert cancer allied health specialists operate out of multiple sites across Melbourne and also offer home visiting and tele-health/skype sessions.


Our Specialist Services

Occupational Therapy

Nutrition & Dietetics

Exercise Physiology